God’s Love changes lives!!

Our lives are so precious
It doesn’t matter who we are.. what we have done..
Many times.. We have wondered.. Will we be able to change??
We may be good to all.. but only we know.. how bad we have been…
We know we can not undo things we have done that shouldn’t have been done..
But God’s love can erase every painful memory from our minds..
It’s only His love that can turn our lives right side up..
A lifetime is not enough to thank God for His Love..
We should have been on the cross..
Our hands should have been nailed for all that we have done..
This is Love that He took our place.. He took our pain and shame..
He bore our sins and said..
“I love you so..ooo much.. …I can not see you struggling in sin..
I can not see my father longing for you..I have come to bring reconciliation..
When I think about the Love I have for you..
These nails on my wrists are nothing.. These painful moments on the cross is worth it..
If I would get you in exchange for all this.. I would do anything for you!!!
I have left my Father’s abode and chose to come into this world just for you..
I have lived on this planet just to be crucified for you..
I have shed the last drop of blood for you so that YOU will be Free!!!”
God’s love changed my life..It will change yours if you want Him for eternity…
The choice is yours…


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